Help patients manage hunger and cravings

How once-daily Qsymia helps manage the daily cycle of hunger and cravings1

Understanding the release of the components of Qsymia
The rationale for combination therapy with Qsymia


Hunger peaks several times during the day and is mirrored by satiety.6,7,8 Managing the intensity of hunger and knowing when they are full can be a challenge for patients.


Cravings can occur at any time, although reports suggest they may occur more often in the late afternoon and early evening.9,10 These intense, urgent desires for certain foods can be difficult to resist for patients.


Qsymia gives patients all day hunger control

The quick-release phentermine in Qsymia starts working immediately, and is thought to reduce appetite. Qsymia promotes the stimulation of the sympathetic nerves and may supress appetite, which decreases food consumption.1‡

Qsymia helps patients resist cravings

The extended-release topiramate in Qsymia works throughout the day, helping patients feel full when they eat. It may also alter the taste of certain foods, helping to reduce the pleasure of eating. Qsymia affects the neurotransmitter gaba which may suppress appetite and enhance satiety.1‡

The precise mechanism of action for the two ingredients in Qsymia that contribute to chronic weight management is not fully understood.

Proven weight loss at 12, 28 and 56 weeks1,2

Qsymia is the only once-daily combination pill proven to significantly reduce weight — see the results over time and create a plan for your patients.1-5

Patients can save right from the start

Eligible Qsymia patients can get a free 2-week starter dose and get their savings card and prescription refill reminders via text message.