Qsymia® is for adults with a BMI* of 30 or more and should be used with a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity for chronic weight management.

Request your access code to The Mayo Clinic Diet subscription offer

How to request your access code for the free, limited, 3-month free Mayo Clinic Diet subscription offer

The Mayo Clinic Diet subscription offer is only available to Qsymia patients who have purchased at least one 30‑day prescription of the Treatment Dose prescribed by their Healthcare Provider. If you have your treatment dose you are ready to activate your free, limited, 3-month subscription.

  • After completing the form below and confirming your eligibility, a Mayo Clinic Diet access code will be e-mailed to you

  • After receiving your access code, visit The Mayo Clinic Diet site at http://diet.mayoclinic.org/offer with your access code in order to redeem your free, 3‑month subscription

Before you begin: Get the bottle for your treatment dose of Qsymia

To confirm your eligibilty and that you are a Qsymia patient, you will need to provide the 8‑digit LOT number from your bottle of Qsymia or the Prescription Number from the filled prescription for your treatment dose of Qsymia.

Please complete the form below to request your access code:

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The bottle illustration shows where to find the LOT# from your Qsymia treatment dose bottle.

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Questions? If you have any questions about the Smart Changes Program or have trouble with your access code request, please contact Qsymia Medical Information at 1 (888) 998-4887.

* BMI (body mass index) measures the amount of fat in the body based on height and weight. BMI is measured in kg/m2.
Or a BMI of 27 or more with one weight-related medical condition.